Field and Swamp: Animals and Their Habitats

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Audubon Swamp Garden, Charleston County, SC

Part of the Magnolia Plantation, this used to be a rice-farming area.  But today it looks like a real garden, complete with grass and flowers.  But the "grass" is really duckweed and water meal and there are American Alligators here and there, resting on boards specially constructed for them, with any available space taken up by Yellowbelly Sliders.  There are many interesting birds, not all of them aquatic.

See the live map at the bottom of the page.

A view of the swamp.  You can see why they call it a garden!  But you couldn't walk on it.


Common Gallinule, part of a group.  ID confirmed by Simon T. Orchard Spider Another Orchard Spider Anole Another Anole



Great Egrets

Courting couple In flight Courtship ritual

White Ibises

Little Blue Heron


Blue-winged Teals

Male Male Mother with ducklings



Common Gallinule

Swamp Sparrow


American Alligator and Yellowbelly Sliders

No problems with territoriality here!

Live map of the Audubon Swamp Garden:

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