Field and Swamp: Animals and Their Habitats

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NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer Live Cam: Selected Stills

Johnston Atoll (near Hawaii) July 14-15

Attempt to collect a sea anemone But the sea anemone got away.  The two red spots, created by a laser, are 10 cm apart on the rock surface. Coral Closer look at that coral.  


Coral Crinoid Another crinoid (base) Same crinoid (top)  


Same crinoid as previous Sounded like "cylindrical crisos" Same "cylindrical crisos" "Floating crinoid"  


Glass sponge Another glass sponge "Holey" Glass sponge? "Isopod"  


Nerella Mystery organism Not a sea cucumber... Rattail fish, "Kumba"  


Brittle star "nursery" Sounded like "Arrittagorda magnus spiralus" Brazilian Sea Star Brittle star on coral  


All of these photos were extracted from live videos by NOAA employees on the Okeanos Explorer Ship on the dates given.