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Blue Dashers

Male Blue Dasher (Pachydiplex longipennis), Durham, 6/9/05.  This skimmer is the most common dragonfly at a swamp in my neighborhood. Male Blue Dasher, Durham, 6/18/05 Male Blue Dasher, Mason Farm Biological Reserve, Orange County, NC, 5/28/05.  Who would believe it?  Male Blue Dashers have yellow patches on their sides. Mating Blue Dashers, Durham, 6/29/05.


Male Blue Dasher, Durham, 6/25/05.  This offers a detailed view of the abdomen tip, which is not all black. Male Blue Dasher, Eno River SP, Old Cole Mill Road access, 6/11/05


Female Blue Dasher, Durham, 6/20/05. Female or immature Blue Dasher, Durham, 7/26/05.  Female Blue Dasher, Durham, 8/13/05.  In obelisk position.  Note the varied angles of the wings.
© 2006 Dorothy E. Pugh

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