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Bogue Banks (Barrier Island), Carteret County, NC

This island, also known as the "Crystal Coast," includes one site of the North Carolina Aquarium, next to the Theodore Roosevelt Natural Area.  See the live map at the bottom of the page; click on "See Larger Map" to navigate.

Hoop Pole Natural Area, Atlantic Beach, Carteret County, NC 8/25/16

Green Anole Seaside Dragonlet Sand Fiddler Crab Seaside Dragonlet Seaside Dragonlet

Fort Macon State Park, Atlantic Beach, Carteret County, NC 8/25/16

Ruddy Turnstone Ghost Crab Eastern Beach Tiger Beetle (Habroscelimorpha dorsalis media) Same Eastern Beach Tiger Beetle Rabbit


Cicada Killer wasp Red-winged Blackbirds Needham's Skimmer    

Pine Knoll Shores, Carteret County, NC 8/24/16

Laughing Gull helping itself to fishing bait Sanderling Herring Gull Laughing Gull? Tern


Ghost Crab exuvia        

Fort Macon State Park (nature trail), Atlantic Beach, Carteret County, NC 8/24/16

Bee fly (Exoprosopa fasciata) Female Golden Silk Spider (dorsal view) Female Golden Silk Spider (ventral view) Male Golden Silk Spider (dorsal view) Male Golden Silk Spider (ventral view)


Golden Silk Spider pair Another Golden Silk Spider pair Mourning Dove Female Needham's Skimmer Red-banded Hairstreak


Salt Marsh Mallow Probably a Common Shore Tiger Beetle Trailing Wild Bean    

Pine Knoll Shores, Carteret County, NC 8/23/16

Laughing Gull with fish prey Sanderling Wave Another wave Willet landing

Theodore Roosevelt Natural Area, Carteret County, NC 8/23/16

First-year White Ibis and Little Blue Heron White Ibis family, with very young one hiding in the grass Four White Ibises, including two juvies Juvie White Ibis Same juvie White Ibis


Two juvie White Ibises Nearly mature White Ibis Great Egret Cloudless Sulphur  

Pine Knoll Shores, Carteret County, NC 8/22/16

Sanderling Willet Another Willet Gull landing Gull landed


Sunset Gull flying      

Hoop Pole Creek Trail, leading off Atlantic Station Shopping Center, Atlantic Beach, NC  7/23/08

Post-mating Seaside Dragonlets: the male stands on the female's head for a while afterward so she can't mate with any other males. Adult male Seaside Dragonlet.  See other dragonflies. Young male Seaside Dragonlet    


Zebra Heliconian.  There were at least 20 near the trail entrance at around noon that day, all in frantic motion.  See the Butterfly Index. Male Yellow-and-Black Argiope.  See other spiders. Spider wasp    

Theodore Roosevelt Natural Area Nature Trail, Pine Knoll Shores, Carteret County, NC  7/23/08

White Ibises.  See other wading birds. Golden Silk Spider Dog-day Cicada  


Fiddler crabs.  See other crustaceans. Mating tiger beetles (Cicindela marginata) Tachinid Fly      

Pine Knoll Shores, Carteret County, NC 7/23/08

I learned some new things about Northern Mockingbird family dynamics.  Fledglings continue to hang out with a parent, behaving a lot like small children.  They stray some distance away from the parent, making "Tsee!  Tsee!" sounds that I'd learned to associate with baby mockingbirds still in the nest, while their parent comes to investigate things, like photographers, that alarm them.   In the third photo below, an adult is shown checking me out (and at the time decided I was no big deal and flew off.) 

Fledgling Northern Mockingbird.  See other songbirds. Another fledgling Northern Mockingbird Adult Northern Mockingbird    


Osprey, flying over a dock on the Bogue Sound side.  See other raptors. Mostly Laughing Gulls, with a couple of "black sheep."  Photo by Karl D.  Gottschalk. Picture-winged fly

Pine Knoll Shores, Carteret County, NC  7/22/08

Male Red-winged Blackbird Young European Starling Male Great Blue Skimmer Gray Catbird, with prey  

Fort Macon State Park, Atlantic Beach, Carteret County, NC  July 21-22, 2008

Eastern Beach Tiger Beetle Zebra Heliconian.  There were many of these (at least ten), mostly flying wildly around. Drone Fly Bee fly (Chrysanthrax cypris)  


Adult sharpshooter (Oncometopia orbona) Late-instar nymph of the species on left (Oncometopia orbona).  I saw an adult try to protect a nymph by moving next to it and placing its leg over it, but lost the photo. Passionflower    

Pine Knoll Shores, Carteret County, NC  7/21/08

Rabbit in swamp, was eating leaves Glassy-winged Sharpshooter Willet Eastern Beach Tiger Beetle  

Atlantic Beach, Carteret County, NC

Sand Fiddler Crabs (Uca pugilator) on Bogue Sound side of Atlantic Beach, NC, 3/22/05. 

Live map of Bogue Banks:

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