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Buccaneer State Park, Waveland, Hancock County, MS

This park was completely leveled by Hurricane Katrina, but I like its new design.  There are now a bunch of medium-sized trees where a mowed field with just a few trees used to be; now there is a curvy path through this little forest.  But the beach is right across the road and has its own offerings.  See the live map below.


Beach Morning Glory (Ipomoea imperati) Eastern Wood Pewee Same Eastern Wood Pewee Estuary, with Great Egret in the distance Marsh Wren

Monarch at the beach area Another Monarch there Variegated Meadowhawk there Virginia Rail Same Virginia Rail

Same Virginia Rail        

10/15/10 (after Hurricane Katrina)

There were lots of Monarchs, but no milkweed; the only milkweed bug I saw was simply nectaring.

Bee (Coelioxys mexicana), Megachilidae family).  First expert-identified photo of this species on BugGuide, on this page. Gulf Fritillary Large Milkweed Bug, the only one I saw in the park A view of a wooded trail from outside it

10/11/04 (before Katrina)

Ventral view of Waveland, MS Common Buckeye above.  This far south, it's still showing a summer pattern.

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