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Mike Tetzlaff's Stink Bug Predation Photos

Mike Tetzlaff, a college student, grows potatoes in Rice Lake, Wisconsin and does battle with Colorado Potato Beetle larvae by removing them manually.   But this past summer, starting in mid-July, he got some unexpected assistance from at least two species of stink bugs, as the photos he took illustrate below.   The two middle photos show what might be Spined Soldier Bugs attacking Colorado Potato Beetle larvae with their beaks.  The photo in the top right-hand corner shows what might be a Perillus circumcinctus, also predating.  The other photos contain what appear to be late-instar nymphs (note wing pads) of some stink bug species that might be the same as one of these two, but we don't know (identification help requested!).   Mike noticed a significant decrease in late-season Colorado Potato Beetle larvae.  Mike is hoping to use these photos to persuade vegetable gardeners to hold off on the pesticides and take their chances with predatory stink bugs such as these.    You may contact him at tetz86@yahoo.com.