Field and Swamp: Animals and Their Habitats

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Pettigrew State Park, Washington County, NC

Lake Phelps.  The brown color of this conifers suggests the effects of our severe summer drought. Sycamore   Bald Cypress?  


Brown Stink Bug (Euschistus servus) Spider (Neoscona arabesca) Spider (Neoscona domiciliorum) Diamond-backed Froghopper Flower fly (Eristalis transversa)

Red Admiral Bee Bee


Web-spinning Sawfly (Onycholyda amplecta) Peppered Jumping Spider Ichneumonid wasp Pearl Crescent Concealer Moth (Mathildana newmanella).  ID thanks to Bob Patterson.


Longhorned Fairy Moth (Adela caeruleella) Deer fly, caught while buzzing around my head.  I later released it, although another that bit my leg was less fortunate. Scorpion fly Same scorpion fly, different view Male Zabulon Skipper


A true bug with exuvia from a recent molt stuck to a wing.  It was able to fly away, however. Flower crab spider Snipe fly Diurnal firefly (Ellychnia genus) Elongate Orb Weaver with winged Eastern Subterranean Termite prey


Redbelly Water Snake Same Redbelly Water Snake.  Photo by Karl D. Gottschalk      


This park was pleasantly warm and alive with insects and wolf spiders when we visited, during a time when both the Triangle and the Outer Banks were cold and generally miserable.  This apparently wasn't an anomalous warm spell: we went from cold to warm to cold all in the same day traveling to the coast.

Sleepy Orange, Pettigrew family cemetery, Pettigrew State Park, Washington County, NC, 1/1/06.  Stage II.  This one was a big surprise!


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