Field and Swamp: Animals and Their Habitats

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Puerto Rico

Rainbows don't just appear after the rain.  This one came beforehand from over the Atlantic Ocean offshore from Isla Verde, San Juan, PR on 1/7/05.

This Monarch caterpillar appeared on the underside of a leaf of one of the many huge milkweed plants in Puerto Rico on 2/3/02.  In Ponce, milkweed plants were six feet high and had fist-sized pods. Rooster, Quebradillas, Puerto Rico, 1/31/02. This rooster was on its own near a shopping center. Hermit Crab, near Loza, Puerto Rico, 1/10/05.  I saw this small animal on land, in a karst forest near the beach. Snail, Isla Verde, Puerto Rico, 1/8/05 Snail, Isla Verde, Puerto Rico, 1/9/05


Female Great Southern White.  This butterfly might officially be a "white," but it's actually very colorful.  The mostly yellow wings have some orange and green veins, and the antennae clubs are light blue.  I found this butterfly in the only place where I've ever seen this species: at an out-of-the-way beach in Loza, Puerto Rico on 1/10/05.  In fact, it was visiting flowers at the edge of a karst forest. Male Great Southern White, Loza,1/6/05.  The black forewing tips identify it as a male. Male Great Southern White, same location, 1/10/05.  The blue antennae clubs show up best in this photo.


Mystery Skipper, Isla Verde (San Juan), Puerto Rico, 1/11/05. It's also found throughout Florida and Missouri, so I'm not surprised I saw one this far away. Mystery Skipper, Isla Verde, Puerto Rico, 1/09/05. This skipper seems similar to the one on the left, but the dorsal side of the hind wings is somewhat different.

Puerto Rico Zoo

Male Peacock, Puerto Rico Zoo, 2/1/02. Lions, 2/1/02.  Capybara (and turtle).  Here a member of the world's largest rodent species seems to be overwhelming a turtle (on the left). Iguana, Puerto Rico Zoo, 2/1/02


Caimans, Puerto Rico Zoo, 2/1/02.

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