Field and Swamp: Animals and Their Habitats

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Santee, Orangeburg County, SC

This town and its park and national wildlife refuge are located right in the middle of South Carolina, bordering on Lake Marion.  See more information at their website.

Santee National Wildlife Refuge (Bluff Unit), Clarendon County, SC  4/30/11

White-lined Burrowing Bug Red-winged Blackbird Picture-winged fly Appalachian Brown Muscadine grape


Anole Orchard Spider Blue-eyed Grass  

Santee National Wildlife Refuge (Bluff Unit), Clarendon County, SC  4/29/11

Spicebush Swallowtail Bald Eagle Orchard Spider (dorsal view)  

Lake Marion (swamp), Orangeburg County, SC  4/29/11

Thanks to Fisheagle Tours, we were able to visit the shallowest water in the lake, full of Bald Cypresses and little islands.

Osprey in nest Cormorant Great Egret Anhingas Great Crested Flycatcher

Santee (in town), Orangeburg County, SC  4/29/11

False Garlic (looks like Nothoscordum borbonicum, but only N. bivalve has been reported inland)        

Santee State Park, Orangeburg County, SC  4/28/11

Osprey Northern Flicker      

Near park office, Orangeburg County, SC 10/10/07

Black Vultures (Coragyps atratus).  These were sitting on top of a cabin.   See other birds.  The leftmost vulture may be a juvenile. Male Tropical Checkered Skipper (Pyrgus oileus).  ID confirmed by Harry LeGrand (see the Butterfly Digest for 10/15/07 ), Gulf Fritillary  Water lilies on Lake Marion  

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